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Developer Cartoon HD
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What is Cartoon HD APP ?

Cartoon HD is a robust web-based video streaming app/website that enables the user to stream latest movies and TV shows/web series for FREE. Those days are gone when the user has to pay monthly or weekly charges for streaming video content, but this is not the case with Cartoon HD APP it provides all the content for free. It comes loaded with amazing features. Cartoon HD APK was launched in early 2013 for IOS. It has since then gained tremendous popularity. The reason behind the fast growth of followers for it was list of cool features which has made all other on demand video steaming apps obsolete. One of the striking features of it is the easy to use interface. It comes with a simple interface which gives a good user experience. Cartoon HD APK comes with simple menu-driven display, all the movies and TV shows are arranged according to genres so the user doesn’t face any difficulty in finding their favorite stuff. A search bar is also given at the top right corner of website and at the bottom in the app version, so the user can search for their content directly. Unlike other video streaming apps and website Cartoon HD APP provides all its content at no cost. Download Cartoon HD was released in 2013 for iOS but it is dominating in other platforms when it comes to number of users or number of downloads. Many apps fail to provide equivalent efficiency in performance across all the platforms but it’s versatile app that is consistent in performance across all platforms. If  you are not  an IOS user and want to enjoy streaming movies in high quality for free in Cartoon HD then you don’t need to worry it is supported across all platforms. If you are an android user then you might not be able to download Cartoon HD app directly from the android play store. Cartoon HD APP is yet to make its way to the android play store. But you can still install Cartoon HD APP on your android based devices using the many sided load methods. These methods have been explained in detail later in this article in the ‘Cartoon HD APP for android’ section. It is also available on windows. The user can even choose the quality of the content of their choice. You can choose from 720p HD, 1080p HD and Blue Ray and you can even stream your content in 4K resolution. No other video streaming app offers so many high resolution quality content. I It is a complete package when it comes to video streaming. The users get to choose from a wide range of collection of latest movies, web series and TV shows from all around the world. You can also watch anime and popular cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry and Sponge Bob Square Pants and many more. If you want to know about all the feature of Cartoon HD app read ahead. Download Cartoon HD app today and start enjoying all the latest movies and TV shows for free. DOWNLOAD NOW!!

It all commenced in the year 2010  as we ken it “THE YEAR OF SMARTPHONE ” when it was the authoritative ordinance of the younger population and desideratum for the elder. The fundamental source of the smartphone was to communicate with each other and this had a major impact on our quotidian lifestyle. If we verbalize about smartphone there are many things one can do with the avail of smartphone and all the credit goes to Android. Android is one of most immensely colossal smartphone running software it had been working to enhance the functioning of smartphone and who does not dote upgrade either it would be better resolution, better sound quality, better hardware it’s all been Android.
Today world is dealing with excruciating Solicitousness where everybody deals with it at any moment of life Solicitousness have become an ecumenical issue and an investment of billions is done to recuperate from it Regalement through smartphone was a very efficacious way to avail people as smartphone is widely available everywhere some major companies who has commenced a project of video on demand where an individual can buy and stream as per their culls. But the question arises that is the leisure only for the riches??
Cartoon HD is a trusted and reliable app that gives the same video on demand accommodation but for free where people can choose their favorite shows such as the flash and orange is the new black for free. It is a safe application and it remotely require 30mb of your phone’s storage and is available at all platform (ios & Android ) so get out of mindset that you can watch your favorite shows after paying only and relish for free only on Cartoon HD
Now we ask why Cartoon HD or why not Netflix ,HBO Go, Amazon Prime and Youtube. Cartoon HD has more than 800 million jubilant customer and with great reviews and the main advantage is it’s free of cost while other companies make you pay for the same services which you can avail for free. There is no doubt that these platform play a major role in economic and gregarious attributes but we believe entertainment should be for everyone.
Cartoon HD is hassle free and do not contain any advertisement or anything that can harm your cell phone Many people utilize the avail of torrents for streaming their favorite shows but this method is illicit and you may download things that are not forfended by copyright or maybe viruses which can harm the device  hence Cartoon HD is safe method to still relish your favorite shows or even anime Nowadays their is an astronomically immense craze about anime such as Death note or Dragon Ball Z
You can additionally watch your favorite anime on Cartoon HD.
So what are waiting for Download Cartoon HD a safe and reliable app with smooth streaming of your favorite shows and movies for free without getting in any remotely illicit streaming.

Why Cartoon HD APP?

There are not many people who would like to pay for video streaming online. Users often surf the internet just in search of new websites and other sources to watch their content for free. Well, the search is over, now you can watch almost any content for free on Cartoon HD app for free. With the wide range of available content the users gets to choose from thousands of available movies and millions of TV shows of different languages and cultures. Cartoon HD APK aims at providing the best user experience when it comes to online streaming of videos. It has gained popularity over the past few years because of its cool and easy to use interface. The users often find many websites difficult to use because they deliver a complex structure and fail in providing a good user experience. There are many reasons because of which the user is switching to Cartoon HD as their on demand video streaming app. The daily active users of Cartoon HD is increasing exponentially day by day. The outstanding features of Cartoon HD app is the main reason behind the increasing popularity. There are some unique features of this app which makes it the dominating one in its field. The amazing data compression technology that Cartoon HD uses makes it agile and user experience hassle free. There are not many streaming sites that deliver their content theater quality but it is one such app. The cloud accelerated technology helps in fast access and performance of the app. It does not degrade its video quality over a course of time but delivers constantly premium quality performance. Apart from variety of video content it also gives suggestions to the users based on history of content watched. Another reason for its increasing followers is that it is a complete package you don’t need find any other source for video streaming. It has collection of best of all time movies and TV shows. You can even watch anime and cartoons on Download Cartoon HD app. Both its website and app comes with swift and easy to use interface. The users often choose it over YouTube and Netflix because of the free premium content. Netfilx and amazon prime often charge their users on monthly or yearly basis on the other hand Cartoon HD is completely free. Despite of wide range of features the it consumes 20 to 30 percent less battery than other video streaming apps and websites. The video quality is absolutely amazing, though the user adjust video quality according the need. New streaming content is added on a daily basis. You can browse the latest content under the newest edition section. The user can also download their videos in order to watch offline. The Cartoon HD app is very light weighted App which makes it a must have app on our devices. As the size is only ( 3.2 Mb ) only which is very small and is acquirable in all such devices which have even low storage space. So it makes it very efficient and fast to access the app here on any device. Cartoon HD app has got a huge collection of videos and movies it can be of a Bollywood, Hollywood and even Tollywood movies are also available here which are often not available at any other video streaming app but it is there in Cartoon HD. So we can watch any movie of our choice in high quality ( 1080 Px ) on our devices without any buffering and even on low internet speed anywhere anytime and enjoy the unlimited entertainment here on Cartoon HD apk.


Features of Cartoon HD APP –

Cartoon HD app comes loaded with all the cool and amazing features that one would want in a video streaming app. From a good interface to wide of range of video collection it is all a part of complete package named Cartoon HD. The list of features of it goes on and on. Listing all the features would impossible but we have managed to arrange a list that has all the important and unique features of Cartoon HD app. Features of Cartoon HD apps are mentioned below-

  • Cartoon HD uses the most advanced data compression technique for streaming content online. It uses cloud acceleration technology which allows a consistent flow high quality data. Because of this technology it beats all the other on demand video streaming apps. Cartoon HD’s performance is much more efficient than any other video steaming app online. There are no jitters or data loss during the online steaming through Cartoon HD app.
  • Cartoon HD app, apart from all its amazing features is most appreciated for its Interface. The developers of it made sure that they provide a neat and clean interface for its users. It delivers a user friendly interface so that the user does not have any difficulty in browsing for video content.
  • Cartoon HD is the whole package of blockbuster Movies and TV shows. You can either stream it online or even save or download on your device for later viewing. Unlike other apps and websites Cartoon HD does not hang or stops while video steaming and provides hassle free user experience.
  • You can find all the popular movies and TV shows on it be it a cartoon or television show. Cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Family Guy and movies like The Terminator can be found on Cartoon HD app. All kinds of genres like thriller, action , comedy and may can be found on Cartoon HD app.
  • You will find all your favorite web series, television series or even movies in the best possible quality here. There is absolutely no need to buy subscriptions from other video-on-demand apps or websites anymore. Just download Cartoon HD APK on your device and start streaming.
  • Cartoon HD is very small in size. It requires less than 30 MB on your device. The users who does not a own a device with high end specifications do not need to worry this does not require much to run. The RAM usage of Cartoon HD is next to none. It is light weight app and performs efficiently across all kinds of devices and platforms. It is compatible across all platforms, whether it is android, IOS or windows based devices.
  • Offline mode, user can save the content online to watch later. Cartoon HD saves the watch later content so that the user can watch it later without the internet.
  • Easy to use interface, Cartoon HD app provides the user with a neat and clean interface which gives all its users a good usage experience.Unlike may other video streaming websites and apps it comes with friendly user interface. the user does not have to face a hard time finding its favourite jam to watch.
  • High speed app, Cartoon HD is a very flexible and fast processing app which works very fine even on slow internet speed. The videos here on it are free from all sorts of buffering problem which allows it’s users to watch any video in high quality ( 1080 Px ) without any problem.
  • Light weight app, Cartoon HD app is a very small and light weighted app. This feature of Cartoon HD makes it much better when compared from any other videos streaming app, such as Netflix and many more. As the size of Cartoon HD is only ( 3.02 ) Mb which acquires a fraction part of memory, As the size is small it doesn’t affects the processing or performance of the device.
  • Free from viruses, Cartoon HD app is the only App which is free from all sorts of viruses. There is no issue of any unwanted activity to take place in the app. As the app is accessible by the authorised person only who is genuinely the user of the particular app on any device. So there is no problem of any malicious activity to take place in this amazing video streaming App, so we can watch our favorite movies, episodes, videos and listen to unlimited songs on this app without any problem.
  • Embedded video compression, This feature of it makes it very different from all other apps. As it process the video effectively and efficiently enough which not only makes it quite appealing to watch but also it consumes very less internet data also. Consuming lesser data makes user much happy as it increases, browsing videos and downloading the videos more.

Download Cartoon HD APP for Android-

Cartoon HD app has proved to be way better than other video streaming apps. For android users the Cartoon HD app has few key features, two of which are –free and great quality of content. Everyone wants a free service when it comes to video streaming. There are a number of other video on demand apps and websites, but not even a single one of them provides each of its content for free. There is always some sort of condition to it which leads to a paid service. It is completely virus free. Thousands of users search for free streaming websites everyday and end up collecting a pile of viruses ion their devices. But is not the case with Cartoon HD, the user fearlessly download this amazing app and enjoy the free streaming service from Cartoon HD app APK. Due to these advantages it has gained so much popularity. Cartoon HD app is such a short span time has transpired to be a five star rated app. Millions of users happy from Cartoon HD’s performance has rated a five star app. The simple and easy to use interface of Cartoon HD app gives a user friendly experience. An easy to use interface is the utmost requirement of a video streaming app and it is spot on when it comes to user interface. There are not many apps that run smoothly across all platforms. But across platform compatibility of it is just tremendous. Cartoon HD app has turned to be at the top of the list in  most downloaded app across all platforms be it on play store on android or app store in IOS and even on windows powered devices. Most of the on demand video streaming app are paid. The user is charged with huge amount of fee either on daily or monthly basis but Cartoon HD app provides the video streaming content for absolutely free!!So, download Cartoon HD app now for FREE and enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows.


How to Install/Download Cartoon HD APP on Android?

It is across platform app which runs smoothly on all the devices whether it is android based device or IOS powered smart devices or Windows based PC or phones. Downloading and installing Cartoon HD app on Android is quite easy.  Not all the video streaming app are successful across platforms but it is one unique app that runs smoothly on all platforms be it android or iOS or even windows based devices . All you have to do is Download APK file online and save it to a secure location on your Android phone or tablet. The following steps will guide you with the installation process-

  • Open your device’s settings menu and search for the security settings.
  • In the security settings page, enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Using a file manager, search for the downloaded Cartoon HD app APK file on your device and click on it.
  • Tap on install, and the installation will start. Once the app gets installed, you can create a home-screen shortcut for faster access.

Download Cartoon HD APP for Windows PC-

Cartoon HD app is the best on demand video steaming app that is currently available. It has collection of millions of movies and TV shows. Latest movies and TV shows are added on a daily basis. The user can browse through enormous list of latest and popular TV shows and movies. If you are not android user you don’t need to worry Cartoon HD app is also available for windows. The features of Cartoon HD app are not different than on android device. It works equally smooth as it runs on IOS or android device. The windows users too can benefit a lot from Cartoon HD. It is a top-notch app when it comes to providing free movies and shows. The windows users do not need to install any emulators for running the android OS on their windows PC. No need to make changes to your computer internal settings and disturb your registry settings. Cartoon HD app is the best cross-platform app one can ever come across. The best part about this app is that it available for all the platforms. There are many video streaming app that are only available for android due to which they lose popularity that is not the case with Cartoon HD app it available to android user the IOS users and to windows users as well. You don’t need to worry if you use a windows device cartoon HD is available for windows too. All you need is a stable internet connection. All you have to do is download the APK file online using the link provided or the link mentioned below ,you can also log on to the official Cartoon HD website and download the APK file from there, and save it to a secure location on your device. Once the APK file is downloaded the next thing you need to do is download and install BlueStacks. You can download and install BlueStacks from its official website or click here to download bluestacks instantly on your PC. Once BlueStacks gets installed do the following-


  • Open Blue Stacks from the desktop shortcut.
  • Find the APK file for Cartoon HD.
  • Either drag and drop it to the BlueStacks window, or manually search for it and open it using BlueStacks.
  • Your app is now ready and will get installed on your Windows device and you are ready to stream or download movies and television shows online for free.


Download Cartoon HD APP for IOS-

Cartoon HD app has all the amazing features in IOS just like its android or windows version. It has all the cool features of android the quality of the video content is the same and the performance of Cartoon HD app in its IOS version is also amazing.. The app has a user friendly interface and comes embedded with all the cool features. Not to mention that it provides free content like movies and TV shows along with great quality videos. Cartoon HD app lets the user stream the videos in HD quality and also has provision for viewing those videos in offline mode. It was initially released for only IOS users in 2013 later it gained popularity because of its amazing features and was rolled out for other platforms such as android and windows based devices. Later the app was withdrawn from the IOS app store but it was already out for android and windows PC’s.

Just like any other platforms the IOS version of it has all the cool features in it and its users enjoy it equally. Again, reasons are same: free and quality content that it provides. Download the Cartoon HD app for IOS today and watch or download from a humungous list of great movies and television shows and web series for free. You can enjoy hours and hours of quality content using it. The app is based on the cloud acceleration technology which makes it fast and gives its users as wonderful user-experience. Due to the advanced data compression technology it beats all the other on demand video streaming apps and websites. It delivers premium quality content. The user gets to choose from different available quality such 720p 1080 p or blue ray and even in 4K resolution. You can also save the videos for watching them later. The unique feature of Cartoon HD app is that offline mode.

Now everyone can enjoy the breath taking features of it. cartoon HD app orignated from App Store, it is only rational to include Cartoon HD for IOS. The app can be easily downloaded online on your IOS powered device (without jailbreaking or infringing its warranty). The user needs no prior knowledge for installing it on IOS devices. The installation is little tricky for IOS, but don’t worry we have summoned the whole procedure in a few simple steps mentioned below. So, do the following steps after you have downloaded the IPA file-


  • Turn off the internet, and change your device’s date to August 1, 2014.
  • To change date goto- Settings > General Settings > Date and Time Settings.
  • Look for the downloaded IPA file and open it. You may get a message stating that the app developer is untrusted. Simply tap on Trust this App and install it.

Now you get Enjoy Cartoon HD app on IOS devices also.



Cartoon HD APP  vs Other video streaming apps

There are many big and popular names when it comes to video streaming such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video yet it has managed to gain popularity. The reason behind this emerged popularity is simple, the quality and content that cartoon HD delivers is great. It provides the content to user at absolutely no cost. Now you don’t need t worry about submitting credit card or debit card or bank details on unknown websites, with cartoon HD in your possession you can grab hold of all the movies and TV shows ever made, for free. Not just free of cost Cartoon HD app also comes packed with exciting features. The features like offline mode or zero data cost feature all are found in Cartoon HD. This app can beat all the other video streaming apps single handedly. This makes people love the app even more. The daily active users has been increasing day by day. Now, no need to buy different subscriptions for different shows or movies, it is here. Now, you can watch The Justice League as well as 13 reasons why and The Walking Dead as well. Now the users don’t have to go on hunt for good virus free Torrent website which is hard to find. Simply Download Cartoon HD and start streaming and downloading. The latest update of cartoon HD includes its latest feature, the offline mode. In this mode you can save your favourite TV shows and movies anytime anywhere. Just click the button for watch later and the video will be saved for later viewing.

Now the user never needs to spend any money on watching content online. Cartoon HD app is here to provide free and premium quality content. Before it came into existence there were not many choices left for Indians they mostly rely on torrent websites and other sources for grabbing hands on all the popular TV shows and movies. Unfortunately, all  the torrents were often filled with viruses and other types of pop ups that harmed the devices. Also, the quality was not even up to the mark. recently HBO and hot star in collaboration provided streaming but with paid subscriptions. In the name of subscription they charged the users with hefty fees just to watch a few movies which seems irrational to me. They lured the user by giving away the first month free tag but eventually user ended up in a paid service trap. That really disappointed many people and that is when it showed its domination providing free access to every single Game of Thrones’ episodes and seasons (that too in great quality and studio-like sound). The content delivered by it is of premium quality and has wide range of features due to which it supersedes other video streaming apps and most importantly all the content is absolutely free for all. Download Cartoon HD today and start enjoying!!


There are many doubts and questions that prevail among users regarding the Cartoon HD app. The most common of these question are mentioned below which will help answer most of your questions.

Is Cartooon HD safe to download?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download and install on your android or IOS or windows based devices. It is not one of those scammy websites that will lead viruses in your devices. Feel free to download and enjoy your favourite movies and TV show at one go.

Is it available for windows devices too?

Yes Cartoon HD APP is supported by almost all the platforms. It is available for windows based devices also.

Does Cartoon HD has downloading option?

Yes, Cartoon HD APP has got a download videos options present there no the top of the app. Download now option is present here on the app we just need to click on it and then videos starts getting download, The Downloading speed is quite fast and effecient.

If you have any other question feel free to ask!! and Download  Cartoon HD APP today!!